“Feherty” Is Another Hit for The Golf Channel

by Jeff Skinner

The Golf Channel is always looking for new and interesting shows to broaden their viewership and keep us golf fanatics from switching channels.  This season they hit the jackpot with two of their new shows.  The Morning Drive has to have exceeded their expectations as they now have a half hour “Best of Morning Drive” airing in the evening.  Check out my review of The Morning Drive here.

Another hit this year has been “Feherty” with the shows namesake David Feherty doing his best Charlie Rose imitation while at the same time injecting his offbeat, oddball sense of humor into the show.

The brass at The Golf Channel are smart enough to know that Feherty is a hot commodity and signing him up was a good move.  They knew that if you get Feherty you get his friends too.  And while the newly naturalized U.S. citizen is listed as the star of the show, Feherty is only half the deal here.  It is the guests that Feherty brings to his show that made this season as entertaining as it was.

This season we watched David: listen as Lee Trevino laughed and joked, horse around with Charles Barkley, Twitter with Ian Poulter, joke with Don Cheadle, ask Fluff and Bones what they earn, fish and shoot with Greg Norman, paint with Luke Donald, cook with Darren Clarke, play soccer with Rory Mcilroy and get hit in the knackers by a Tony Romo pass.  It’s been a busy season for Feherty and his lads.

Seeing his guests off the course and away from their work is quite interesting and Feherty’s self deprecating sense of humor is good for plenty of laughs.

It looks to be a winning formula: Feherty wit and great guests means a hit for sure.  It appears that Feherty can get plenty of the big names in sports and entertainment and that means that next season could be just as funny and entertaining as this past one.  Last night the final show of the season aired with Tony Romo playing quarterback to Feherty’s fumble fingered receiver.  Feherty is a “good watch” and The Golf Channel has another hit with this one.



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