Tiger’s New App: Which Swing Is It?

by Jeff Skinner

Tiger Woods and his team has just released a new swing training App. The Tiger Woods: My Swing App is now available for $9.99 for iPad2 users.  On his website Woods announced the release and says that golfers can improve their swing by comparing their swing to Tigers.  Tiger Woods: My Swing HD allows golfers to capture video of their swing so they can analyze it; compare it with Woods and their friends; and see their swing improve over time. Woods serves as a virtual coach, teaching golfers how to use swing-line analysis and providing tips on specific areas of improvement. The content-rich app also includes exclusive personalized videos shot by Woods which address fan questions. To Tiger’s credit, all the profits from the sale of the will go to the Tiger Woods Foundation.

My question is which swing will we be using for comparison?  Is it Tiger’s 1997 swing where he won five times and his first Masters?  Or is it the 2000-2001 swing that he used to bully the tour, garner 19 worldwide wins, four majors and complete the Tiger Slam?  Is it the Butch Harmon Swing?  Or is it the Hank Haney Swing?  Or worse yet…could it be Tiger’s current Sean Foley/No Fairway/Zero Greens/Can’t Putt Swing?   If that’s the case I think a refund is in order.


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