Freddy Ready to Blow It

by Jeff Skinner

Fred Couples may look like the coolest thing in softspikes.  What’s that line, “Men want to be him and women want to be with him.”  Well Freddy is about to blow all that well earned cool or charisma or whatever you want to call it with a true bonehead move.

Captain Fred is about to announce his President Cup Captain’s Picks and he is going to shank this one for sure.  He’s going to pick his good buddy Tiger Woods and it’s a mistake.  Fred will tell you that Woods has earned a selection but he hasn’t.  Fred will say that he’s the best player in the world but he isn’t and Fred will tell you that his teammates want him on the team.  I say let’s take a secret ballot on that one.

The fact is that Woods has not earned a spot on the team and the fact is that Woods is light years from being the best in the world.

Fred will say “based on his past…blah, blah blah.”  If that’s how a team is picked then why doesn’t he ask Jack Nicklaus, or Arnold Palmer or Tom Watson?  They all have pretty good pasts.  But Fred might say, “But that was years ago.”  And I would tell him the same applies to Woods; he was the best years ago.

Right now Tiger Woods is 29th on the Presidents Cup points list.  And Fred says he deserves a spot on the team.  Then why is there a points system? Why doesn’t The Captain just pick all of the twelve players?

Somewhere in the Presidents Cup Charter (I bet there is one somewhere) that the PGA tour drew up when they invented this match there has to be a clause about putting the best team on the course.  Or maybe a paragraph about this being a reward for playing well the last two years.  I bet it’s near the paragraph about making sure the PGA Tour makes a ton of money. But Fred will overlook that, (not the money part for sure) and pick his buddy so he and Michael Jordan and Tiger can hang out.  It’s a joke.  It’s an insult to any player that worked his tail off to get on this team.  It impugns the integrity of the event.

Keegan Bradley, Bill Haas and Brandt Snedeker all deserve consideration to be on that team.  But only one will get a chance because Fred has decided that Tiger deserves a spot.  He is so wrong.

One thing about, Jack Arnie and Tom, I bet if Freddy asked them they would say they didn’t deserve a spot.  Maybe Tiger should say the same thing.


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  1. If he’s not careful Couples could tarnish the long and storied tradition of the President’s Cup.

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