Tiger’s Back, Healthy and Ready to Win

by Jeff Skinner

Yes, he’s back and the Frys.com Open will never be the same and they are thrilled about that.  Tiger Woods spent plenty of time answering questions after his practice round yesterday. Woods answered all the usual questions and he did say that his game has finally come around.

Working with Sean Foley and playing 36 plus holes a day he was starting to get his “playing instincts” back. As to his new course record of 62 at The Medalist Club he said, “It felt good and I left a couple out there.”

Woods said that he is at the point where the major overhauls are done and he now can take a swing without thinking about his club position and less swing thoughts are a good thing. “Sean kind of alluded to even today, he said, ‘You’re just kind of stepping up there and just hitting it.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I don’t need to worry about whether I have the club here or here or here or here or here,’” he said after the morning pro-am where he shot 1-under on his own ball. “I’ve kind of done all that legwork and now it’s time to play.”

Commenting on the statements that he is done winning majors he turned on his best Tiger stare and said, “I’ve heard that before. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that.” He finished off that answer with, “I’ve kept on winning (them) too.”

Here’s the entire interview and there was not one question or comment on his personal struggles.  Maybe the press has turned the corner on the scandal, at least to his face.



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