Tiger Woods: Life is Good

by Jeff Skinner

This week marks two years since Tiger Woods left his house for that post Thanksgiving ride that ended with him hitting the fire hydrant.  From that moment on Tiger’s world has never been the same.  But time heals all wounds, as they say, even Tiger’s.

These past two weeks have been good for Tiger.  His golf game is very close to being where he wants it.  He finished third at the Australian Open and this week at The Presidents Cup he looked like the Tiger of old.  His singles round was nearly perfect and you can see that he is ready to make that charge back to number one.

Life off the course has been good also.  Tiger has snagged a few new endorsements recently with Rolex signing him to a deal and now Fuse Science.  Darren Rovell talks to Tiger on life, golf and making money.  Tiger says life is good, his kids are good and signing new deals is good.

Rovell points out that this is an “equity deal” meaning Tiger is getting some ownership instead of a boat load of cash.  Pardon me, but a few years ago you needed seven figures and a half dozen years before Tiger and “Steiney” would even return your calls.

Tiger’s right, life is good.  He’s not back yet, but he is getting there.

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