Tiger Woods, 10 Things I Think

by Jeff Skinner

1. As soon as Tiger’s putt dropped on eighteen I said “Comeback Player of the Year.”  Honestly, I did, I beat Tiger to the punch on that one.

2. So Tiger channels Tony Lema as he sends champagne to the media tent to celebrate his victory.  How does “Champagne Tiger” sound?

3. Tiger beat a real grinder in Zach Johnson.  Johnson’s specialty is the short game and putting.  Tiger took him on and beat him at his own game.

4. Tiger finally wins The Chevron Challenge and Chevron announces that they are finished as the sponsors of the event.  Talk about strange timing.

5. Tiger jumps from 52nd in the Official World Rankings to 21st after he earned 44 world ranking points. Can someone tell me how an 18 man tournament in December is worthy of    effecting the World Rankings.

6. Tiger almost looked human afterwards.  He was relaxed and smiling in the media tent but there is still that force field he puts up to keep everyone at arm’s length.

7. Please, stop the “Tiger is back” stuff right now.  He’s not back but it’s a start.

8. Don’t underestimate the advantage that having Joe LaCava on the bag gave Tiger.  A caddie can’t win it but they sure can help you blow it.

9. Ok, best five seconds of the telecast is when some guy screams out “mashed potatoes” as Tiger tees off on eighteen.  What it means? I have no idea, but it is a heck of a lot better than “in the hole.” Check it out here.

10. Six weeks to Tiger’s next start at Abu Dhabi.  I bet he can’t wait.



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