Donald Trump Brings “Championship” Golf to the Bronx

by Jeff Skinner

Donald Trump is playing Santa Claus to New York City once again.  Trump has signed a deal with NYC to finish the troubled golf course at Bronx’s Ferry Point Park.

The beleaguered Ferry Point project has been in the works for fourteen years and its original developer quit the project years ago. New York City has failed to finish the project which is beset with cost over runs, environmental problems and even ties to organized crime.

Trump’s contract includes a 20 year license to manage the course and build a clubhouse for the facility.  As usual Trump announced the deal with his customary bravado. “This is an opportunity to have one of our country’s greatest golf courses right smack in the middle of New York City — an unheard-of opportunity.”  He also thinks that he will be able to host “championship tour play” at some point in the future.

Ferry Point Golf Course will at least have some big name panache.  It is a Jack Nicklaus Signature Design and is located near the Whitestone Bridge and will have a view of the legendary Manhattan Skyline.  It is also one of the few public golf courses that Trump has been involved in.  Usually Trump will keep his courses private and those public courses he purchases quickly close their doors to the public and become private clubs.

Trump has a history of rescuing New York City projects.  He finished construction on a city skating rink and now runs the city’s rinks and the Central Park Carousel.

Say what you will about The Donald, and we all do, he gets things done. In this case it may be worth listening to his bluster if it translates into a new golf course opening up, especially one within New York City.



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