The Art of the Game, Literally

by Jeff Skinner

For centuries the game of golf has been the subject of many a debate. Is it more science than art?  We’ve heard the phrases “the art of the game” or “the science of the game” many times.  Now we literally can see The Art of Golf.  Thanks to the High Museum of Art Atlanta many of the most renowned pieces of art celebrating the game of golf are on now display.

Jack Nicklaus, Andy Warhol, Bobby Jones and Rembrandt: now that’s a dream foursome.  Many of the pieces are centuries old and give us a view of the game at its beginning while others feature many of the games greats.

It is a rare occasion that puts all these extraordinary pieces of art together for one exhibit.  For those of us that can’t make it to Atlanta we can see some here.

Being more of a feel player than a technician, I always knew this game was more art than science.

Charles Lee "The Golfers"

Rembrandt's "The Ringball Player"

Click here for The High Museum of Art Atlanta


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