A Rambling Back Nine

by Jeff Skinner

Here’s my new name for Phil Mickelson: “Stock Market Phil.”  He has more ups and downs than Dow Jones.  Bogeys, double bogeys, pars, birdies and burrowing animal holes made up Phil’s day not to mention his cardio workout.  He ran to the 18th tee after holing out on the 17th so he and  Dustin Johnson and Rickie Fowler could tee off and finish their 18 in the disappearing daylight. Go Phil.

Rickie Fowler is trying desperately to grow a bit of facial hair.  Maybe he sees the success that Johnson Wagner has with his 80’s style stache.  My advice to Rickie is to give it up, maybe in a few years it will resemble a real mustache.  Don’t rush it, soon enough you’ll be wondering why that thing is gray.

The drunks in the crowd waited in the approaching darkness on 16 for Phil and the boys to show up and there weren’t disappointed.  Phil, DJ and Rickie all hit the green but Phil was the only one to hear the cheers for a birdie.

If Dustin Johnson had a short game he would win everything.

Webb Simpson looked liked Phil Mickelson out there for a bit today: hitting it OB and missing some short putts but he managed to get it back and finished T3.

The 16th hole is absolutely crazy.  I know some traditionalists may not care for it but for one week a year it is great.  It’s great to have a lot of noise and plenty of fun.

Gary McCord did a great job in covering the 16th but as the day wore on even his wife was wondering if he was all right.  She texted him with the question, “Are you drinking?”  His response was “I try so hard.” Snagged Gary!

I appreciate the effect that NBC Universal has had on the Golf Channel but where is Jeff Rude and John Hawkins?  I only hear The Hawk on Morning Drive and Golf Central and Rude is gone.  That’s too bad, they were great together.

I bet that if twenty years ago you asked David Feherty where he would be in 2012 he never would have said hosting a live TV show the night before the Super Bowl.  This guy has gone from a partying player that lost trophies and weeks of his life at a time to a depressed addict that was out of control to one of the most popular faces in golf.  He’d be the first to say he lives an amazing life and God Bless America.



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