10 Things I Think

by Jeff Skinner

1.  Kyle Stanley has had two emotional weeks: The loss at Torrey Pines and the win at Scottsdale.  He was very emotional after both.  At least this week they were tears of joy.

2.  Spencer Levin also showed plenty of emotion on Sunday as he grew more aggravated with his poor play.  He’s known as an emotional player but that had to work against him as he spiraled out of control.

3.  Levin did show some toughness though when he went head to head with that cactus and used his putter to get his ball clear.

4.  It was good to see John Daly playing in the desert.  Here’s hoping he stays there.

5.  The Super Bowl trumps everything, golf included.  But once again my “Multiple Television” strategy paid off.  Having a few TV’s next to each other allowed me to watch all the golf and still keep an eye on anything that looked interesting during the pre-game.

6.  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Ben Crane may be a slow player and look like anything except a goofball but he has as much fun as anyone on tour.

7.  Crane, Johnson Wagner and John Rollins all have three top tens in four starts.  That’s a great start to 2012.

8.  Congratulations to J.B. Holmes for making his first cut of the season.  He finished T45 and is already averaging 305 yards with his driver.  Not bad for a guy coming back from brain surgery who hadn’t touched a club for four months.

9.  The Tour moves to iconic Pebble Beach this week and anytime we get to see Pebble that’s always worth the price of admission.

10.  Scheduled to play in the Pro-Am is Bill Belichick, fresh off his Super Bowl loss.  That’s got to hurt but Pebble Beach may be just what he needs, that and a defense that can stop Eli Manning.



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