Tiger Gets More Reps at The Honda Classic

by Jeff Skinner

Only Tiger Woods can shake up the golf world with a simple press release.  Woods has announced that he’ll be playing in the Honda classic for the first time since 1993 when he was an amateur.  “I heard great things about The Honda Classic,” Woods said in a release. “Now that I live here I want to play whenever possible. (Jack Nicklaus’) involvement in the tournament and the benefits to the local community are also important.”

He’s never played the Honda as a professional and in playing there he will be playing in three straight events and four out of five.  Woods never like to play three in a row and has always been very selective where he tees it up.

Give Woods some credit here, he is supporting his local community here and he has said he plans to add a new tournament to his schedule and this accomplishes both.  He also needs “more reps” and he’ll get them there on a difficult course against a very good field.

Tournament Director Ken Kennerly was thrilled by the addition of Tiger and acknowledges that his playing is a boon to both Tiger and the community, “This is Tiger doing something for the community as much as it is him doing something for Tiger.”

Whatever the reason behind Tiger’s decision it is great for the tour, the community and for golf.  The fact remains that Tiger is the most watched golfer in history and golf is always more interesting when he is in the field.



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