Marr Shines with Champions Tour Learning Center

by Jeff Skinner

Any self respecting golfer always has his television tuned to The Golf Channel when there isn’t a live broadcast on one of the other networks.   And while it is difficult to fill each hour of the day for the most part they do a wonderful job of keeping us golf fanatics interested and entertained.  Morning Drive, Golf Central, Feherty, The Golf Fix and the Big Break all get more than their share of promos all day long.

One of the most interesting shows that gets overlooked by too many fans is The Champions Tour Learning Center.  Airing each Tuesday evening at 6:30pm, Learning Center gives us a little bit of news, inside info on the Champions Tour and plenty of instruction.

Hosted by the very likable David Marr III, Champions Tour Learning Center is just that, a learning center.  One of their especially interesting features is that it is filmed right on site of the current Champions Tour event.  Each week they get that week’s winner to recreate a particular shot that was critical to their win and give you a tip on how to play it.  They mix in features and tips from all the Champion Players with Marr orchestrating each segment.

It is easy to see that Marr loves what he is doing and he has the respect of the players making their living on what is called “golf’s greatest mulligan.”

There’s no yelling or screaming or video tricks: just plain talk about golf by some of the most experienced players in the game.  It is probably the most laid back half hour of programming on The Golf Channel and Marr’s smooth, easygoing style makes it one of the most informative, enjoyable and watchable programs on the schedule.



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