An Ace for Casey but No Car for His Caddie

by Jeff Skinner

The funniest moment at the WGC Cadillac Championship had to be when Paul Casey made his ace on the 15th hole.  Normally any ace is a time to let loose but on this hole Casey’s caddie, Craig Connelly really lets loose.  Casey had told him they would split the prize of the new car if he got an ace.  When Casey’s ball fell into the cup Connelly reacted like a guy who had just won a car: he was happy as you can be.  But the problem is that the car only goes to aces on the 13th hole, not the 15th.  What a bummer!  That’s just wrong by Cadillac having that baby parked right behind the tee and then not giving away a car on that hole.  Connelly didn’t think it was too cool but Casey had a good laugh at his caddie.


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