Arnold Palmer: Still The Man

by Jeff Skinner

Long before metal drivers, 24 hour sports channels and celebrity athletes there was Arnold Palmer.  He didn’t come from royalty but he ended up as The King.  He dragged the PGA Tour into the television age.  He made the Open Championship a must play event when few Americans ever made the trip.  Palmer was the first athlete to really earn millions off the course with endorsements and grew to be a one man conglomerate.  He was IMG’s first client and started an entire industry of athletes as product pitchman.

Everyone in golf has an Arnold story and Jason Gore’s has to be one of the best.  As a golf obsessed eleven year old he conned his mother into driving him to Arnie’s country club in Latrobe.  They asked for Mr. Palmer and low and behold Arnie comes by and spends an hour with a kid who happened to be trespassing on his country club.  It changed Gore’s life.  Arnold Palmer changed many lives. (Click here for Jason Gore’s memory of that day.)

Watch as Larry Dorman reflects on his memories of Arnold.  He was the man then, he’s the man now.


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