Ramblings From the Airport Lounge

by G. Rennie

Masters week is here and The Golf Channel has many hours of special programming devoted to examining every imaginable aspect of this year’s tournament, past tourneys, golf legends and aspiring champs, you name, they got it. So what happens when work takes you away to a distant place and a hotel that doesn’t offer that golf junkie fix?  I was forced to spend three nights lodged in a Hilton Hotel that never heard of The Golf Chanel and didn’t offer it either in guest rooms or the in house sports bar. How ironic that this hotel was in Orlando? With all the top shelf golf (high priced daily fee courses and resorts are everywhere a theme park isn’t) available in this area you’d think the hoteliers would cater a bit to the many golfer’s coming into the area. And this is Orlando, home of The Golf Channel. Arnie needs to get his hometown boys in line.

Fortunately I was still able to get in some small screen viewing of The Morning Drive with my Slingbox and iPhone. For two bills you get a piece of hardware that reroutes your home TV signal to your remote device. This comes in handy when you’re stuck in places and circumstances that conflict with important event viewing- like church services, lunch at the in-laws, or, most deadly of all, a 90 minute speech by a business leader, or worse, your boss.

 Poor I.K Kim, how badly does she still feel after squandering a sure major championship when she blew the one footer at Sunday’s Kraft Nabisco? I carry the memory of a botched putt for a 2$ Nassau for a week, at least. She’s got to be pretty down.

Perhaps the best thing she could do is to get on the phone to Kyle Stanley and grab some of the mojo that helped him bounce back from the Torrey Pines meltdown and win the next week in the desert at the Waste Management Open. After a chat with Kyle, ring up Rory McIlroy for some insight into how he pulled off his improbable major turnaround. This game tests you like no other and this is likely a turning point in the career of I.K. Kim. Let’s hope she makes her way back to the winner’s circle soon.

 Every few years we get a convergence of special events when Easter Sunday coincides with the final round of The Masters. This year is such an occurrence and I’ m sure that this is a cause of conflict for some poor golf fans. There are expectations that you’ll be sociable that day, maybe go to church in the morning (not a problem since TV coverage doesn’t kick on until 2) then drive over to your mother-in law’s home for a feast with the extended family. There’s no guarantee that they’ll even put the Masters on the TV since the Red Sox are also on and even If they do you’ll get a seat in the corner with the screen all but obscured by all the kids wrestling off all the sugar the Easter Bunny brought. I sympathize with all you unfortunate souls. I’ve been reprieved from such a fate. I’ve got the best wife in the world, a woman who’ll go to her sister’s home for dinner and leave me content in my man cave to rant and rave over every shot played. Happy Easter, Deenie.



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