Masters Words From the Wise…and Some Others

by G. Rennie

The Masters provided more ups and downs than all the roller coasters at Disneyworld and the golfer’s, along with commentators and various other talking heads, offered up many verbal shots, some quite memorable. Here are a few of my favorites.

– Henrik Stenson was totally undressed at 18 on Thursday with a quadruple bogey 8 and he was pretty cool and candid when he said “Maybe it was good to score an 8. Normally, I’d be so mad I’d tear my hair off.”

– After his round Thursday, Lee Westwood told the media “At the end of my career, if there’s no major championship, I’ll be disappointed.” Not all golf pro’s can be that honest, just think about Monty.

– Paul Goydos was a welcome addition to the Golf Channel’s pre and post-tournament commentariat and Sunday morning had a good line in “The biggest advantage Phil has today is where he puts on his shoes – the Champions locker room.” Too bad for Phil the footwear advantage didn’t help him climb to victory.

– Brandel Chamblee has evolved into the golf version of Bob Costas, with his low key, disarming delivery that often hides unorthodox insight and provocative claims. He was true to form Sunday morning before CBS coverage began when he opined on one Mr. E. Woods. “Tiger had a bounty of talents – now he is impoverished, he’s been emasculated at this course.” I assume he was speaking metaphorically.

– Olin Browne, another recent addition to the Golf Channel cast had a gem Thursday in a conversation with Steve Flesh and Kelly Tilghman centered on Philly Mick. After Flesch remarked that Phil had changed his shafts following his AT&T win Olin said “I’m still shaking my hangover if I win at Pebble”.

– “It was a bad break – you have to be left of that pin” was how Phil characterized his way left tee shot that caromed of the grandstand into a bamboo stand. Phil’s second turn as Tarzan at Augusta sunk his championship hopes.

–  Bubba Watson seemed nonchalant when he told Steve Sands that his second shot to the playoff 10th hole was familiar in that “I was down there earlier today – I was used to it – had to hook  it about 40 yards.”

See you next year, Bubba.



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