Carl Pettersson Does Tommy Boy

by Jeff Skinner

Cheers to Carl Pettersson for his five shot victory at the RBC Heritage.  It may have been a snoozer of a Sunday final but Pettersson didn’t mind.

Who says professional golfers need to spend hours in the gym?   Not Pettersson…he looks more like the weekend golfer then he does a veteran PGA Tour professional.  And if you ask me that’s a good thing.

For the millions of hackers that are quick to lay down big bucks to play the same equipment as the pros and the ones that have to buy the same logos that we see each weekend, please take a lesson from Carl. You can be your own man and still get it done.  “Ultimately, just cause you don’t look like an athlete doesn’t mean you’re not an athlete,” Pettersson said. “We’re not running a marathon out here, we’re walking 18 holes.”

Carl had the line of the year when being presented with the traditional plaid jacket at the champion’s awards ceremony.  As he slipped in to the plaid jacket he was asked how he felt and he quoted the famous Chris Farley line from Tommy Boy, “Fat guy in a little coat.”  Nice one Carl, nice one.



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