Donald Hands Rory Number One

by Jeff Skinner

In case you missed it yesterday, Rory McIlroy regained the top spot in the Official World Golf Rankings.  And no he didn’t play at The RBC Heritage or in Malaysia or anywhere, officially anyway.  He could have been kickin it on the beach or hanging with his girlfriend but whatever he was doing it got him back to the top spot in the world.

Actually it was Luke Donald that got Rory back to number one.  Donald has been less than his stellar self of late and his T-37 at The RBC wasn’t good enough to keep him at number one.  Donald needed to finish at least eighth at The RBC to hold his position but fell back to second in the world after the weekend.

Jason Sobel calls into question the validity of a ranking system that rewards a player for not playing.  And he is right, how can a guy sitting on his couch move up in the rankings?  It doesn’t seem right and I have complained about the formulas used in calculating the top golfer.  Primarily for me it’s the two year time frame of performance used to determine the rankings.  It should be only the most recent twelve months in my opinion.

Sobel brings up valid points in questioning the system and I agree, it needs tweaking but I have to be honest, I like a change at the top.  Not to say that Donald should or shouldn’t still be number one I just like some change to keep the race interesting.

I think having a race for number one where different players have a chance every few weeks is far more interesting than having a golfer ensconced at number one.  Tiger was number one for a lifetime but now the race is open and more interesting with possible changes coming each week.



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