Westwood Defends Indonesian Masters

by Jeff Skinner

Chalk up another win for Lee Westwood.  The third ranked golfer in the world returned to Jakarta to defend his title at The Indonesian Masters.  It’s Westwood’s 38th worldwide title and it didn’t come easy.

Westwood had to play 32 holes on the final day due to weather delays in the third round.  He started the final 18 with a monumental eight stroke lead but the victory march soon turned into a stumble as he barely hung on for a two stroke win.

His two over par 74 gave him the win and Westwood thinks this may be just what he needs to jump start his 2012 campaign.  “I’ve played well without any wins so hopefully I can go on and win other tournaments.  It is tough when you are the favorite because if you don’t win then it will be disappointing. There was a lot of pressure so I’m glad I did it.”

Westwood has been criticized for playing in such non-descript tournaments where he has little real competition but he always has a history of playing in exotic places.  True, he would get better competition from a men’s college team or the Hooters Tour but Westwood is his own man.  If it works for him fine but he may have been better served by spending a week with Dave Stockton if you ask me.  Then he could finally get his putting stroke up to the level of the rest of his game and maybe win his first major.


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