The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friends…

by Jeff Skinner

John Daly continues to get by on the kindness of strangers.  Daly was given a sponsor’s exemption into the Zurich Classic of New Orleans when Boo Weekly withdrew.  What a waste. They should have given that exemption to exiled Saints coach Sean Payton, I here he has nothing to do for a year.

We may get to see the name Ballesteros back on a leaderboard once again.  Seve’s son Javier will play on the Spanish Peugeot Tour but hasn’t yet declared as a professional.

Some big names are teeing it up at the European Tour’s Ballantine’s Championship in South Korea.   Adam Scott, Ian Poulter, Paul Casey, Y.E. Yang, Darren Clarke and Miguel Angel Jimenez are in the field.  MAJ was last seen mixing some cocktails and giving the youngsters advice on how to be able to party and still compete with the best.  Miguel says, “Of course it’s also pretty well known that I like cigars and wine but I feel you have to enjoy yourself in this life. But also, you have to work.  Everybody knows about the wine and the cigars but nobody saw me this morning at 7.30am in the gym, running.”

The LPGA moves to Alabama this week and I’m not the only one that thinks that the best golfer in the world doesn’t play on the men’s tour.

All week we have been hearing how Bubba Watson is a journalist’s dream.  He always comes up with some interesting quote so the press can get a good story.  But Jeff Rude has a different take, as he always does, and thinks that Bubba may have an issue or two with the boys in “the media.”  Rude says, “Yet there was something a bit concerning about his news conference in The Big Easy. Watson went out of his way a few times, sometimes playfully, to poke ‘the media.’ One sensed an undercurrent of distrust or dislike.”  The headline could have read, “Freshly minted media darling bites the hand that helps feed.”

You can’t make this stuff up, or maybe you can.  At least the writers on Seinfeld did years ago when they wrote the hysterically funny episode about George Costanza impersonating a marine biologist as he tries to rescue a beached whale.  It is a classic episode and simply one of the funniest scenes ever.  It turns out there may have been some basis for a whale/golf ball encounter.  A dead gray whale was found on the beach in Washington and a golf ball was found in its stomach, along with other assorted garbage.  The golf ball wasn’t related to the whales’ death but that immediately brought to mind the Seinfeld episode.  You never know where that ball is going to wind up.  “Is that a Titleist?”
Check it out at the 4:30 mark.


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