10 Things I Think

by Jeff Skinner

1.  Cheers to David Duval for making his second cut of the year.  After opening 2012 with seven missed cuts he has changed the momentum with consecutive weekends, it starts with baby steps.

2.  Ben Curtis backs up his win with a tie for thirteenth, nice.

3.  Dan Jenkins is the third sportswriter voted into the World of Hall of Fame.  Jenkins made being a smart ass really cool.

4.   Tiger blows off his press conference for an experiment with social media.  Maybe he should try an experiment with being human for a change.

5.  Stacy Lewis proves that good golfers come in all sizes.  It’s not the size of the dog in the fight.  It’s the size of the fight in the dog, or Arkansas Razorback in this case.

6.  Somebody check to see if Jason Dufner has a pulse please.  An alligator couldn’t rattle him and even Ernie Els thinks he’s emotionless.

7.  Two things about Ernie Els: first he is really close to a win, really close.  Second, it’s a joy to see someone so comfortable in his own skin.

8.   Lexi Thompson is really something.  Her game is amazing and while she was facing the prospect of a playoff she busys herself by signing autographs.  So she’s composed too.

9.   How about a million dollar check for a wedding present?  Dufner is getting married on Saturday and he cashes a $1.15 million dollar check for winning, not bad at all.

10.  Miguel Angel Jimenez finished fifth at the Ballantine’s Championship on Sunday.  The 48 year old is inching up the Ryder Cup points list.



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