Nike Speed Trials: Yours vs Theirs

by Jeff Skinner

There isn’t a golfer alive that isn’t looking to get longer off the tee.  Yea, we drive for show and putt for dough but if you can’t get off the tee you have no chance at the dough.  A few more yards is what we are all in search of and the people at Nike Golf have made it easy for us to find those extra yards.

Nike has come up with a unique promotion: The Nike Golf Speed Trials.  Nike, in partnership with five national golf retailers have made it easy for us to try out their new clubs and at the same time compare them to our own.

I normally am a little hesitant about any sales pitch promising to cure my slice and get me more yards.   But when you’re desperately seeking fairways you’ll try anything so I gave it a shot at a Golf Galaxy store.

I brought in my current driver, it’s my second one this season so you know I am desperate, and the Speed Trial guy told me to hit a few to get a reading from my current driver.  He recorded the data off the launch monitor and then he handed me a brand new Nike VR_S driver.  Now, I haven’t swung many Nike’s except my son’s driver (which is way too much club for me) but after a few swings I felt very comfortable hitting the new Nike.  And yes, I actually hit it longer then my own and then we tried some three woods and after that I hit the hybrids.  I will say that I was impressed with all the Nike clubs, but I’ll save that review for later.  Here we are talking about the Nike Golf Speed Trials.

I was apprehensive at first, my swing isn’t a pretty sight, but I am very glad I tried it.  The guy running the Nike Golf Speed Trial,  he says they are called Brand Ambassadors, was really helpful and knowledgeable.  The Brand Ambassadors were dressed in Tiger’s Sunday outfit, red shirt and black pants and while the guy worked with me in the hitting bay his female counterpart took down our data and asked a few questions.  They weren’t pushy and they made the experience fun and I got to see all the data from each club I hit.  They even give you a two ball sleeve of the new Nike 20XI.  It was a good way to get your hands on some very good equipment.

And I bet that is just what Nike thinks.  Put these new clubs in enough hands and maybe they will get some converts.  The Nike VR_S line  seems like they are the real deal.  The driver and fairway woods felt really good and I think the big surprise were the hybrids, they are really long.

If you are looking for some additional yards, and who isn’t, the Nike Golf Speed Trials is a good place to start.

Click here for the Nike Golf Speed Trails website.



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