Nicklaus, Player, Palmer, Trevino: Always “Greats of the Game”


by Jeff Skinner

We all have a chance to see golf history today as The Big Four of Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino are back on the course together again.  At The Champions Tour Insperity Championship they will tee it up along with Don January, Miller Barber, Gene Littler, David Graham and Dave Stockton in a little get together called “The Greats of Golf.”

They certainly have that name right, these guys are some of the greats in the game.  No group of golfers is more recognized as having a bigger effect on the game.  Certainly, their records on the course speak for themselves but it is also the way they conducted themselves as gentlemen both on and off the course.  They lived as true gentleman and sportsman in all their endeavors.  Their collective impact on the game is immeasurable and a group of men like this will never be seen again.

This very well could be the last chance we get to see them together on a golf course.  It will be telecast as part of the Golf Channel’s coverage of the Insperity Championship at 6:30pm EST today.

In 1990 the PGA Tour may have been looking to cash in on the trading card market and released a set of trading cards of the PGA Tour and Senior Tour players.  Here are scans of the Big Four from my sons “1990 PGA Tour Pro Set, Special Inaugural Set.”  All of the Big Four had graduated to the Senior Tour, as it was known back then and all of them were looking like they were ready to take each other down.

There’s sure to be some friendly rivalry among them today but just seeing these icons with a club in their hands once again is enough to make an old golfer misty eyed.  We won’t see the likes of these men any time soon.


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