Nike VR_S Driver: Sounds Good & Hits It Long

by Jeff Skinner

Every golfer is looking for more from their driver and many will go to great lengths to find just the right big stick.  In an effort to help with that search Nike Golf has introduced the VR_S Driver this season as a follow on to their VR line.

The VR_S boasts plenty of cutting edge technologies to aid the average golfer in getting longer and straighter off the tee. 

NexCOR Face Technology allows the center of the very large club face to be a bit thicker with a thinner edge to create more ball speed off the club face.  Nike’s STR8-Fit system allows you to change the loft, lie and face angle in seconds to give you eight different setups, and in a sense eight different clubs.  The head has been designed to increase clubhead speed with a very light aerodynamic design.  A lighter shaft is also standard to allow for an even faster swing speed.

In the past Nike drivers had the reputation as being “loud” but the VR_S has a very traditional sound at contact and the ball really pops off the club.  This clubhead is the most conventional looking club Nike has produced in years.  Its lines are sleek and the color scheme muted and traditional.

The VR_S was very hittable right off the bat.  And when hit off  center it seemed like toe shots and heel shots didn’t stray too far off line.  It was easy to change the settings with the wrench and after a few sessions you’ll find the one that gives you the best results.

And the answer to the question is, yes.  Yes, it is longer.  I had a few of my buddies test it out we all hit it longer than our current driver.

The VR_S driver should be considered by anyone looking for a few extra, straighter yards off the tee.  After all, isn’t that what we are all looking for?


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