Kevin Na Finally Swings Into Lead at The Players Championship

by Jeff Skinner

If you think you have seen everything on a golf course, think again.  During the third round of The Players Championship Kevin Na has introduced a new phenomenon in golf.  Na has brought the ‘double clutch’ or the ‘Triple Lindy Back Off’ to a new level.

Na’s issue with ‘pulling the trigger’ came to light this week as he inched up the leaderboard.  Now, on a good number of tee shots Na takes multiple waggles, a few practice swings, and throws in a few back offs before he can make a swing that actually contacts the ball.  It got to be comical after awhile and a dozen waggles was common during his setup.

Amazingly, Na played a flawless round of golf, well at least on the scorecard.  His bogey free, four under 68 has given him a one stroke lead over Matt Kuchar as they head into the final round.

Na spoke about his ‘Swing Stutter’ and says he is trying desperately to get rid of it.  But it may get worse before it gets better.  Previously we only saw it on tee shots but it has found its way into his iron game as we see here during his approach to eighteen.  The astonishing thing is despite his issues he still hits excellent shots after each incident.

But what if he goes on to win The Players?  I bet he won’t be in any hurry change his winning ways then.


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  1. Yes I saw a bit of this on the highlights of the Players. Quite incredible the amount of backing off he does before he actually hits the ball.

    I’m wondering if the officials will start to the put the time clock on him soon for slow play?

    Be interesting to see.

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