No Clubs? No Problem for Snedeker

by Jeff Skinner

In his first match of The Volvo World Match Play Championship Brandt Snedeker defeated Thomas Bjorn 5 & 4 and in doing say he may have set modern club fitting back a few decades.

While dealing with some travel issues to Spain Snedeker’s clubs took a detour and were lost in transit.  That forced the lone American in the field to start his first match with a borrowed set of mismatched clubs.

Playing with foreign sticks can be a death knell for any one, no less a pro whose clubs have been fine tuned by the club company’s skilled technicians.  Today’s professionals have their clubs tweaked in any of a dozen specifications to get them to perform perfectly.

But Snedeker showed just how important or unimportant the tweaking really is.  In his fourteen holes he carded nine pars, four birdies and a lone bogey on his way to soundly thrashing Bjorn.  That’s a pretty good round for anyone but especially impressive for someone playing with a borrowed set of clubs.

His clubs did show up during the round but since he started with eleven clubs he was only able to add three of his own to his ‘loaner’ set.

Maybe having all these technical specs dialed in isn’t as important as we all think it is.


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