Cinderella Story at the U.S. Open

by Jeff Skinner

It’s easy to miss some of the great stories on day one at The U.S. Open.  Amid the hype of Tiger’s good round, the implosion of Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Rory McIlroy and Luke Donald some of the lesser names are overlooked.

Sure, Casey Martin who is welcomed as a returning hero and Dennis Miller, of putt dropping video fame are heartwarming stories that have received plenty of coverage.  But yesterday gave birth to a true Cinderella Story and it isn’t the leader Michael Thompson, although if he retains that seat on Sunday evening he certainly would be.

I’m talking about a 17 year old teenager that last week was playing in his high school state championship and this week has slipped on golf shoes made of glass.  Beau Hossler sits in a tie for fifth place after an opening round 70.

Only five golfers scored better than this soon to be high school senior and all of them are veteran professionals.  Think of it this way: Hossler shoots par on the toughest course of the year and sits one stroke behind the greatest golfer of this generation.  If’s that not a Cinderella Story than Bill Murray is a rocket scientist.

But Hossler isn’t a rookie at this Open; he played at Congressional last year and missed the cut but that experience looks to have given the youngster a bit of an edge this week.  “I’ve been playing really well lately,” Hossler said. “I expected myself to go out there and get a lot out of my round. I still left a few out there but you have to accept that, it’s the U.S. Open. It’s going to happen.”

Yes, it’s only one round but this kid has topped most of the top golfers in the world and for that he certainly deserves credit.

This is why they call it The Open.  Pay your entry fee, tee it up, shoot the score and you’re in.  It doesn’t matter what’s on your resume or where you stand in the world rankings or if you’re a pro or a high school kid that wants to live the dream.  Dreams come true here at The U.S. Open.  Just ask Beau Hossler.



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