Tiger Woods Is a Prick

by Jeff Skinner

Tiger Woods looks to be back to his vintage self.  We’ve all wondered when he would get it back and I think that this week he has fully come back into form.  Only I’m not talking about his golf game.  I’m talking about his personality, or should I say his lack of one.

Round two of the U.S. Open saw an amazing story unfold as a seventeen year old amateur worked his way into sole possession of the lead at the most prestigious tournament in golf.  Beau Hossler took the lead when he birdied the first hole and pulled clear of Tiger Woods and the other greats of the game.

It was the story of the day with Twitter blowing up with Hossler as the subject.  He faltered a bit down the stretch but finished with a 73 and ended in a tie for ninth only four strokes back of leaders Woods, Jim Furyk and David Toms.   He spent time with The Golf Channel, NBC and ESPN afterwards and displayed a mature and thankful attitude.

Now, anyway you look at that it’s a great story.  Tiger in the lead and Hossler’s day were by far the biggest leads for every media outlet.

So naturally someone asked Tiger if he knew that a seventeen year old had a piece of the lead.  Here’s the transcript:

Question:  I don’t know if you saw when Beau Hossler, the amateur, briefly took the lead at 2‑under.  Just what are your thoughts on a 17 year old taking the lead at a U.S. Open even if it was just for a brief amount of time?

TIGER WOODS:  Well, a long way to go.  And I kind of experienced that actually myself at Oakland Hills, same deal, first round, made a few mistakes after that.  I think he’s kind of made a few mistakes as well.

Are you kidding me?  This guy doesn’t even have the humanity to say something like “good for him” or “nice job.”  Can he be happy for another person’s success?  Right away he belittles Hossler by saying there’s still a long way to go.  And turns the focus on himself with the “I kind of experienced that myself.”  Sorry Tiger, no you didn’t.  At Oakland Hills you were twenty years old and on the brink of turning pro, not to mention the three U.S. Amateur trophies you had in your closet.  And of course he points out that he made mistakes.

What kind of person would not even acknowledge the day this high school kid had?  Is he threatened by this kid?  Maybe it’s his braces that sends chills down Tiger’s spine.  He makes the Grinch look like Mother Theresa.

I find this unbelievable but this is classic Woods.  He’s a selfish, egotistical, self-absorbed, sociopathic, soulless prick.  Sorry, I am reduced to such references but for Tiger’s behavior I can’t think of a word that fits him any better.

He may have the greatest skills in golf and he may very well go on to win twenty majors.  But as far as a human being, he’s a zero.  Yes he’s back…and it’s a damn shame.



  1. I guess that invitation to the member/guest at Medalist won’t be arriving in the mail. You’ve nailed this guy, Jefff. He’s the most self centered athlete around and that’s saying a lot. According to Tiger, Galileo was wrong – the world doesn’t rotate around the sun , it revolves around him.

  2. Bro, you nailed it. When I was watching the press conference, I was like are you kidding me Tiger?? Soulless self absorbed sociopath. I can’t think of a more apt description. The dude sickens me.

  3. Wow…..glad I missed that. I don’t tend to listen to Tiger’s news conferences and interviews. That’s just typical. Young Beau was awesome. I hope he has a great day.

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