Lee Westwood Moving to The States

by Jeff Skinner

Lee Westwood has announced that he’ll move to the United States at the end of this year.  Westwood wants to be able to hone his golf game all year, something he’s unable to do at his England home.  And he wants to get that all elusive major before his window of opportunity closes.

“There are a number of reasons, but the main one is I haven’t got that much time left at the top and I want to give myself the best chance of staying there as long as I can,” he told reporters.  “I am moving to America at the end of this year because with our weather it is hard to practice when you want to practice in the UK.”

Westwood is never one to pull punches and has always been one of the most forthright players on any tour.  He has been outspoken about his desire to win a major and even with Luke Donald holding the top spot in the world rankings Westwood has been considered the best player without a major for many years.

This isn’t an easy move for Westwood as he has an eleven year old son and an eight year old daughter and both his and his wife’s families are in England.  He says he’ll continue to keep his European Tour membership and play both tours.

This isn’t a strange move; dozens of the world’s best players live in America and make the U.S. PGA Tour their home.  But Westwood had always maintained that the European Tour was his home.  This does speak volumes to Westwood’s determination to chase down a major championship.  It would be easy and comfortable for him to stay in England and keep his family life unchanged.  But he wants a major in the worst way and he’s not afraid to take any action to get it done.

That’s one of the things you have to love about Westwood.  He’s as determined as the proverbial bulldog, speaks his mind and has the driest wit of anyone with a club.

Welcome to the states Lee.  Maybe that warm Florida weather will be just what you need.


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