Rants and Ramblings from the Grill Room

Each week I spend time debating all things golf with my esteemed colleague G. Rennie.  I thought it was about time we shared our rants with everyone else.  We’ll try and keep it clean.

Which American is the best player right now? 

GR:  The best American male player right this moment is Webb Simpson. Yeah, I picked the chalk and not because he’s the second highest ranked American in the OWGR at #5. He’s the man because he’s the man…the man who took the U.S. Open with back to back 68’s on the weekend.  Webb has no apparent holes in his game, brings an even keeled attitude to the course, stays humble and goes after it.  Will he be the best golfer from the US of A next month? I don’t know but he is now because he’s got that major trophy on top of a two win 2011 season, solid Pres Cup play, and seemingly in contention every week.

Skins:  I hear ya…Webb’s win at Olympic put him in a new class and I probably do have to agree with you, as much as it pains me to, that he has the best all around game among the Yanks now.  But Dufner and Kuch aren’t far behind.

Which one would you bet on?

GR:  Since I like favorable odds I wouldn’t be laying my cash on Webbie to win, the odds are too short. Rickie Fowler is a good play, however, since he’s had a combination of great play and flame outs (Quail Hollow and The Memorial) the past two months. The same goes for Dustin Johnson.  My real dark horse wager is on Michael Thompson. He fires an opening day 66 at Olympic and then closes on Sunday with the day’s low round 67 and sneaks into the clubhouse with the lead. A tie second at the toughest rest in old and still nobody knows who he is. I gotta call my bookie.

Skins:  Yea…laying cash on these guys is a different animal.  But you know there’s always one guy that gets plenty of action…Mr. Woods that is.  After all he is the top ranked American, ahead of Webb, Bubba, Kuch and Duf.  And nobody has a closing percentage like Tiger.  I think Webb would be insulted if he knew I put money on him, Bubba’s ADD is likely to pop up at any moment, I’d bet Kuch to show (he’s a top ten machine) and Duf is the dark horse.  If there was a gun to my head…it’s Tiger…man that hurts.

Which will you watch more of….AT&T, Irish Open…or Wimbledon?

GR:  The sad fact is that my work interferes with both viewing and playing golf. The Irish Open will get less of my eyeball time than the AT&T until Sunday.  Then I’ll be playing rapid remote flipping between golf and tennis.

Skins:  Yea…like you actually work for a living and what have I told you about multiple TV’s.  I want to see Congressional and see if it looks like it did last June as we humped it up and down those hills avoiding the lightning.  But there is so much buzz about the Irish Open and Royal Portrush I’ll make some time to check out those links.  Wimbledon…as long as Maria Sharapova is playing.

Do you think the 2012 Open Champion will come from the field at the AT&T or the Irish Open?

GR:  I don’t have a clue which field offers up the Champion Golfer of the Year at Royal Lytham & Saint Ann’s. But I’ll bet some more money that he is an American. The end of European supremacy is here. If you haven’t noticed the last three majors have been taken by Yanks and all were first time majors for each. Our European brethren have the top three ranked golfer’s but only one major victory amongst them. And that’s the way it will stay at least for a while.

Skins:  You may be right but that was a trick question.  My pick to win the Open Championship isn’t in either field this week and although I wouldn’t mind seeing an American continue the string (as long as is his second major!) it’s not going to happen.  The British Bulldog, Lee Westwood has the week off but he’ll break the American string but keep the first time major winner thing going.  Westwood has played so well in majors for so long this has to be his time.  If there’s any justice…the golf gods…maybe an old English Golf God will show some favor on Lee and give the Limeys someone other than Sir Nick of the Verbose to cheer about.


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