RocketBallz Driver Lives Up to Its Name

It’s a never ending battle: golfers trying to hit the ball longer.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a world class tour player chasing a major championship or a weekend hacker try to win a few dollars from your buddies, we all want to hit the ball longer.

This year TaylorMade has once again set the driver market spinning with the name of its latest product, RocketBallz.  Yes, the name started some controversy and snickering when first introduced but no one is snickering now.

The RocketBallz line of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids supposedly got its name during testing when tour player Dustin Johnson said the ball took off like a rocket off the clubface.  After some internal discussion at TaylorMade the name stuck and with good reason.  This driver is long, it’s that simple.

Now the folks at TaylorMade have a bunch of technical and scientific reasons why RocketBallz is longer and we may or may not understand them but here’s the bottom line: it works.

Like every other TaylorMade driver the RocketBallz, RBZ for short, has a matte white crown that eliminates glare and a black face to improve alignment.  And the clubhead is full of advanced aerodynamics to reduce drag and increase swing speed.

TaylorMade’s Flight Control Technology (FCT) let’s you adjust the clubhead to optimize your launch angle which is critical for squeezing a few extra yards form RBZ.  You are able to adjust the loft up or down 1.5 degrees in eight different increments.

These eight incremental adjustments change the clubface angle and loft and lie of the club for as much as a 60 yard spread of side to side correction.  And the Inverted Cone Technology allows off center hits to still get that kick in ball speed.

The standard model is fitted with a 46 inch, 50 gram, lightweight, shaft that once again allows for more clubhead speed at impact.

All that technology comes together to give you one very hittable and very long club.    The lighter club should encourage more clubhead speed and off center hits still seem to go farther than they should.

The only grumbling I heard from those that tested it was the white crown and the name, RocketBallz.   I know we all are creatures of habit but generations of golfers have had to make changes with technology.  I remember going from persimmon to metal drivers and then to a 460cc driver and even though I fought it at first, I soon came to realize that I got longer drives with each change.

The same is true with the RocketBallz Driver.  You’ll hit the ball longer and isn’t that what we want from our big dog?  The RocketBallz Technology is sure to get you plenty of extra yards off the tee.




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