Donald Trump’s Greatest Course in the World

by Jeff Skinner

The Donald was in all his glory this week as he showcased his new golf course, Trump International Golf Links, on the north coast of Scotland to a few selected friends.  Escorted by bagpipers Trump took every chance to declare that his pride and joy is “the greatest course in the world.”

Joined by the European Tour’s George O’ Grady and the UK PGA Tour’s chief executive, Sandy Jones, Trump was his usual overbearing self, “It’s been worth it because we’ve created something iconic,” Trump said.

“This is truly the greatest golf course anywhere in the world.

“Everybody knows it, lots of people are saying it, and most importantly golf people are saying it, so we are really honored by the way it has turned out.”

And how could it be the greatest course in Scotland without the greatest Scottish golfer of the day?  Colin Montgomery was at Trump’s side and equally flattering of the links by the North Sea. “I expected good, but this has surpassed my expectations. It’s as dramatic as you get. It’s not for me to say this is the worlds’ greatest golf course. What I can say is that it’s one of, if not the best links course I’ve ever played.”

Is anyone surprised that The Donald and Monty get on so well?  Even if Trump wasn’t paying Monty for his unbiased opinion I’m sure they would hit it off.

Nod to Geoff Shackelford on the video.



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