Nike’s Method Midnite Lets You Love Your Putter

by Jeff Skinner

Dr. Bob Rotella is a leading sports psychologist who works with many high profile golfers.  I’ve read every one of his books and try to adhere to his “Ten Commandments” that are designed to keep you relaxed and able to play your best golf.  Number ten on his list is “Love Your Wedge and Your Putter.”

I do, I honestly do.  I’ve been using the same putter for fifteen years, ever since I stole it from my Greek brother-in-law.  But the people at Nike Golf have made it very difficult for me to remain faithful to my old flat stick.

I recently got my hands on one of the new Nike Midnite putters and I can tell you it’s a winner.  The Midnite line of putters is Nike’s latest entry into the specialized putter market.  I tested the Midnite 006 model and was impressed.  The 006 is essentially the same as the Method 001 which Tiger Woods has in his bag only it has a different finish.

The Midnite line gets its name from the Dark Chrome Finish which reduces glare.  As with the original Method, they are fashioned from milled stainless steel with more than 30 grams of tungsten placed in the heel and toe for weight and stability.  The Midnite also boasts Nike’s polymetal groove technology that “generates a faster forward roll at impact” and reduces skidding.  A multi-material face along with the polymer filled groove dampens vibration while still giving that sound and feel at impact relished by players.

There’s a ton of technology in these short sticks and to put it simply: it works.  The ball rolls off the face so true and pure it’s amazing.  This putter just feels damn good.  So much of putting is about feel and the Method Midnite delivers just that feel.

I understand why Tiger has a Method in his bag.  In the hands of a player like Tiger this putter can be lethal.  It may not make you putt like Mr. Woods but it definitely will give you great roll and feel.  It’s all about confidence with the putter, like Dr. Bob says “Love your wedge and tour putter.”  With the Nike Method Midnite it’s easy to do just that.

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