Daly Grips It & Rips It at The PGA Championship

by Jeff Skinner

John Daly is in contention at The PGA Championship. Talk about a blast from the past, and I don’t mean those pants that look like they came out of a 70’s disco. 

It was twenty one years ago that Daly became a folk hero with his grip it and rip it mullet when he won the 1991 PGA Championship.  Daly has been a cult hero since he blasted his way onto the professional golf scene.

But even though Daly’s game has been up and down these past two decades his grip on the fans is as strong as ever.  Wearing those loud mouth pants that scream “I need attention” Daly gets just that.  Fans absolutely love Big John and pair that loyalty with an opening round 68 and you get “Grip It and Rip It Mania” all over again.

Daly’s life has taken more turns than a Pete Dye layout but recently John has employed a new game plan on the course and today it worked.  “I’m just kind of loosey-goosey out there,” said Daly, “and I think for me, to just freewheel it is the only way I can get my confidence back instead of worrying about bad breaks and worrying about this and worrying about what somebody else is doing.

“I only need to worry about what I’m doing and go out and attack and play golf and enjoy it.”

Ah, if he had only felt that way twenty years ago…but then he wouldn’t be John Daly.


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