Talking Heads With Something to Say

by G. Rennie

I was able to catch a brief glimpse of some of the special Golf Channel broadcasts today that are focused on this week’s PGA . I sandwiched my viewing between preparing dinner for my lovely bride and then cleaning up the mess afterwards.  From what I gleaned I’m sorry I didn’t get to see all the programming since the bits I saw were vintage commentary.

Leading off was  the always insightful John Feinstein who said ” Adam Scott should fire his caddy”.  You got that right , Johnny boy. Feinstein claimed that Scott’s caddy ” disappeared down the stretch” and he endorses a more permanent disappearing act for Mr. Williams.

Next up was a panel led by Rich Lerner, the finest anchor in TV golf broadcasts, who was tossing up softball topics for Brandel Chamblee, Frank Nobilo and Tim Rosaforte to tee off on. The long putter and it’s place in the game got deluxe treatment from this trio. Chamblee ripped off a quiet tirade against the long putter as he invoked the laws of physics, geometric principles (the fulcrum) human physiology to support his view that all anchored putters be banned.

Nobilo then kicked in with a brief survey of the technological innovations the game has seen. Like hybrid clubs, supersonic balls and supersized driver heads concluding that the equipment manufacturers were ruling the game, implying that the R&A and USGA  were ineffectual onlookers.

Rosaforte took a contrary view and endorsed the continued use of the long putter, or anchored stroke, on the basis that it brought variety ( and some controversy) to the game and enhanced the viewing enjoyment of the golf fan.

These guys stir the pot in ways that the marquee announcers at the broadcast networks never approach, with the exception of the unfiltered Johnny Miller, and NBC, now the parent of Golf Channel, would do well to give this crew more air time on its broadcasts.  If golf fans need to listen to the nonstop “commentary “ during tournament broadcasts it would be nice to have someone worth listening to doing the talking.


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