The Best Job In Golf

by Jeff Skinner

I am like a lot of golf junkies.  The Golf Channel is always on in my house, even if it is a re-run of Caddyshack.  I should say especially if it’s a re-run of Caddyshack.  I’ll spend some time each day surfing the web reading anything and everything golf.  I have spent time on every golf website, blog, newspaper and digital magazine throughout the world.  I’m a addict and I have no desire to be cured.

I am also an old dog and while I’ve learned some new tricks in this ever changing technological whirlwind (thanks to my kids I text & tweet) I still like to get my hands on that old fashioned dinosaur that’s delivered to my house, the golf magazine.

This month as I cruised through the pages of Golf Digest and Golf Magazine it hit me once again.  Of all the jobs in the golf industry there are two guys that truly have it made.  Now, let’s admit that there are plenty of cake jobs in golf.   The players certainly have it made as do all the talking heads, whether they be former players or journalists that have made the switch to television.  The golf writers also have a sweet gig as they travel from site to site on their companies dime.  But none of these guys have it as sweet as the travel editors for Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.

Matt Ginella of Golf Digest and Joe Passov of Golf Magazine have the best deal in golf.  Heck, their gigs may be the best in all of sport.  They travel around the world playing the best courses, hobnobbing with the big dogs and then tell us about it in their magazines.  That’s about as sweet a job as there is.

In the October issue of Golf Digest, Ginella reviews courses in Mesquite, Nevada and in Golf Magazine Passov wishes happy 20th birthday to the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, recommends some courses to travelers and writes about his day of golf with Donald Trump.  According to Joe, The Donald can flat out play.  Man that sounds like hard work.

If I were these guys I’d be holding on to that job for life.  Can it get any better than cashing a check for playing great courses and not have to worry about keeping your tour card?  I am sure the job has its drawbacks, like delayed flights and such but hanging out on the greatest courses from Pebble to Augusta to Bandon to Shinnecock is about as good as it gets.

For now I’ll enjoy their stories and value their reviews and advice.  But if there’s anyone out there looking for someone to follow in their footsteps just shoot me an e-mail.  I’ve finally found what I want to be when I grow up.


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