Phil Mickelson Misses Shot, Gets Booed, Chargers Fall Asleep

by Jeff Skinner

Sports freak Phil Mickelson stole the show at halftime of the Broncos-Chargers game last night in an attempt to raise a million dollars for charity.  With the crowd going all Bubba at the Ryder Cup, a pumped up Phil sailed his 56 degree wedge a bit too long.  And to top it off the San Diego fans let Phil have it with a chorus of boos when he missed the shot.  But Philly Mick did earn $50,000 for charity from his hat sponsor KPMG.

The poor Chargers fans then had to live through an amazing comeback from Peyton Manning and company as they came back from a 24 point deficit to beat the Chargers 35-24.  Who would have thought that Phil’s miss would have been the highlight of the evening.


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