Going Gangnam Style With Jesper Parnevik

by Jeff Skinner

Have you ever wondered what professional golfers do when they’re not playing or jetting around the world?  Well, it looks like Jesper Parnevik likes to dance, and not just any style of dance but he does it Gangnam Style.  Now for those poor souls that have no idea what “Gangnam Style” is, according to Wikipedia it “refers to a lifestyle associated with the Gangman district of Seoul, South Korea.”

Now, I have it on good authority the key to doing it Gangnam Style is to “dress classy, dance cheesy.”  So here’s Jesper and his crew, which includes Dustin Johnson, Richard Johnson, Will MacKenzie, Fredik Jacobson, Marc Turnesa and some friends doing it Gangnam Style.  This video was a birthday gift to his friend Brenda.  It’s a riot.


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