Miguel Angel Jimenez Makes History in Hong Kong

by Jeff Skinner

Miquel Angel Jimenez made history today as he became the oldest winner in European Tour history as he claimed the UBS Hong Kong Open.

Much like the wine the Spaniard is known to favor he has become better with age.  This is his 19th win on the Euro Tour and his 12ft since turning 40.  At 48 years and 318 days he broke Des Smyth’s record when he was a spry 48 years and 34 days old.

This is his third win here as he also claimed this title in 2005 and 2008.  Jimenez played bogey free golf on his way to a five under 65 to finish one stroke ahead of Fredrik Andersson Hed.  Michael Campbell who started the day tied with Jimenez faded with a two over par 72 and finished eighth.

While Miguel acknowledges the significance of his win he is hoping for a few more.  “It’s very nice – I hope it’s not the last one,” joked the Spaniard, who was an assistant Captain at The Ryder Cup in Medinah.

“I really love this place. I love the golf course – it’s a great golf course where you have to control the ball very well, it’s not a matter of distance.”

Miguel attributes his longevity to his relaxed lifestyle and his famous “stretching” routine.  “This is maybe the olive oil in my joints, and the nice Rioja wine and those things keep you fit and flexible.

“The most important thing, I do what I like to do in my life, and golf has given me all of this pleasure. Winning now, at 48, my goodness – 24 years I’ve been on the Tour.

“I still love it and I think that is fantastic, to love what you’re doing, and enjoy yourself, keep fit, keep working myself a little bit and stretching a lot, and that’s the main thing to do to compete with the new guns.”

The “new guns” would do well to copy Miguel and his “I do what I like” attitude.  Miguel never chased the dollars, he’s played Ping clubs forever, never spent more than three puffs on his cigar in the weight room, relishes time with his wife and sons and no one has more fun on the golf course than Miguel.

What you see is what you get with Miguel: a man that enjoys golf, enjoys life and still manages to be the coolest guy in golf.



  1. Miguel is certainly the coolest old hand in golf! I suggest that the older hand at LLG emulate him- and get into the ‘ olive oil’ routine of stretching. It will do wonders for the game. Smoking a good cigar once n a while won’t hurt either.

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