LLG Award Season : Player of the Year

by Jeff Skinner

Rory McIlroy just finished his 2012 season with a big win on the European Tour but the fact is that Rory had earned The Player of the Year long before he ever set foot in Dubai.

To say Rory is the PGA Tour Player of the Year is doing him a disservice.  Rory is the player of the year for the entire universe.  He led the PGA Tour with four victories and ten top ten finishes and he added another major, The PGA Championship to his resume.  Tiger Woods has three PGA Tour wins and a band of golfers claimed two wins but none of them included a major.  It is really unfair to compare Rory’s performance this year to any other golfer as he was head and shoulders above everyone on both the PGA and European Tours.

He led both tours in earnings, had the lowest scoring average on the PGA Tour and had five worldwide victories.  This all from a golfer that had a mid-season slump when he missed three of four cuts on the PGA Tour.  This from a player that a few weeks ago said he was burned out.  This from a kid that spent every free minute flying around the world to meet his tennis playing girlfriend. I am afraid to see what he can do when he “adjusts” his schedule in 2013 as he has said he will.

Rory not only displayed excellence on the course but he was a gentleman with the press and the fans.  Behind the microphone he is honest, polite and as humble as the best player in the world could be.  He is loved by his fans all over the world and respected by his fellow players.

It’s Rory’s world and we are all just part of the crowd standing behind the ropes.  He’s not just the PGA Tour Player of the Year; he’s the Best Player on the Planet.


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