PGA Tour Kicks Off in Hawaii

by Jeff Skinner

It’s fifteen degrees outside, the ground is covered with snow and I am battling a bad case of cabin fever.  But have no fear…there’s a cure on the horizon: The PGA Tour tees off in Hawaii today.  Yes, today the boys of the PGA Tour, thirty of them anyway, start the 2013 season at Kapalua with the Tournament of Champions. 

Now, for many of us our next round of golf is a winter away or at least until some snow melts.  But a few hours of watching the 2012 PGA winners roam the hills of Hawaii could be just enough to help us get through the weekend.  With the time change we even get to watch golf in prime time and the tour is smart enough to push the start to Friday so we’ll have some Monday Night Golf to replace football.

Normally I am thrilled to watch any golf from Hawaii.  I mean its golf in Hawaii…what’s not to like.  But I am feeling a bit jealous this week.  Maybe it is because I had a late finish to my season.  Heck, I played right up until a few days before Christmas.  And I had plans to play some more until Mother Nature treated us to plenty of snow and temps too cold to melt it.  So forgive me if I feel a bit sorry for myself as Bubba and the boys whack it around Kapalua.  I know after a few hours of the picturesque views of Hawaii I’ll come around but I’ll probably need a few Dark n Stormies to help ease my pain.  After all, its golf in Hawaii…what’s not to like?

Click here for a look at the field at the Tournament of Champions.


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