Match Play Snowed Out But Golf Still Goes On…Indoor Golf

by Jeff Skinner

Pardon me, but I thought a tough day in the desert meant a blazing sun and temperatures over a hundred degrees, not freezing temperatures, snow angels and snowball fights.  That’s what the 64 professionals had to deal with at Dove Mountain.

The Accenture Match Play Championship was halted yesterday as snow, ice and freezing temperatures sent the players scurrying for the warmth of the clubhouse.  So for a day the PGA Tour is in the same boat as all of us Northerners: snowed out of golf.

But all is not lost and I don’t mean for the PGA Tour.  I have found the cure for the winter blues and it’s golf, indoor golf to be exact.

Last week while it was freezing and every course was covered with snow I played the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass, actually hit the green on the 17th and had an absolute ball.

A few buddies and I spent the afternoon at DC Indoor Golf, the latest and greatest addition to the golf landscape in Dutchess County.  DC Indoor Golf boasts four high quality golf simulators with dozens of world class courses to challenge you.

These simulators have previously been reserved for professional fitting studios but now are spreading across the country in bars, golf retailers and these indoor golf ranges.

After a few practice swings to get the feel of this “simulated golf” you lose the simulated part.  It’s golf.  A ball, a club and hopefully a good swing because the simulators don’t lie and they give you all the feedback from each shot, pure or shanked.

DC Indoor Golf uses aboutGolf simulators which are endorsed by the PGA Tour and are the exact same simulators you see on The Golf Channel.  These simulators utilize high speed, 3D cameras to provide detailed data on every shot and the graphics on the huge screen are so real you can smell the grass.

DC Indoor Golf was started by college friends Dan Pizzarelli and Christiano Desorrento. They opened their doors in September and business has been booming.  Leagues fill the bays during the week and weekends are booked a week in advance as foursomes play everywhere from Sawgrass to The Old Course to Pebble Beach. With a comfortable bar made from over 1800 golf balls DC Golf has all the feel of a great 19th hole.

Playing Pebble Beach is out of the reach for most of use but reserve an hour at DC Indoor Golf and Pebble Beach stands before you for the taking.

These simulators can also be used as a driving range for keeping that swing grooved and at the same time checking all the statistics about your shot. It’s certainly a great way to stay in touch with the game while winter keeps us indoors.

Playing a round of golf during the winter up here is a rare treat and the simulators at DC Indoor Golf work wonders for a golfer’s psyche.  I can understand why business is so good.


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