Strange Is Back…The Golf Boys 2.Oh

by Jeff Skinner

Just when we thought this 2013 golf season couldn’t get any stranger here comes strange, I mean really strange.  The Golf Boys are at it again and Ben Crane and his minions, Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson and Hunter Mahan have released a new video.

You want strange?  Here it is.  But if you want a good laugh its right here too.  I give these guys some credit.  They must have had a ball filming this one and must be fairly comfortable with themselves to put it out there like this.

My, how times have changed.  Jack Nicklaus, Arnie Plamer and Lee Trevino would hit the bar and party after their rounds but these four guys rather strut their stuff, strange stuff, in front of the video camera.

It’s pretty funny and the lyrics are interesting but how the heck do they think up these costumes?

Hat tip to Devil Ball Golf for the link.



  1. I could see you, Matt & George making a video like this 😉

  2. Yea for sure…but you would have to join us wearing Ben Crane’s outfit!

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