Rory Says He Regrets Walkoff

by Jeff Skinner

When Rory McIlroy came onto the scene he was hailed as Ireland’s answer to Tiger Woods.  He was even christened the “Celtic Tiger.”   But although his golf game was similar to Tiger’s his demeanor certainly wasn’t.

Where Tiger has evolved into a “media recluse” Rory has been a media darling as he embraced all media.  Rory has been a joy to the press and so very active on social media therefore The Honda Classic - Round Twobeing a relative open book.  And that is one of the reasons why this last walkoff episode was so shocking.

But true to form, McIlroy has reverted to his normal, open and honest self.  Sports Illustrated’s Michael was able to speak to Rory and found that Rory truly regrets his mid-round walkoff.

“It was a reactive decision,” told Bamberger on Sunday evening. “What I should have done is take my drop, chip it on, try to make a five and play my hardest on the back nine, even if I shot 85. What I did was not good for the tournament, not good for the kids and the fans who were out there watching me — it was not the right thing to do.”

He’s absolutely right, he needed to tough it out.  But this should go down as a lesson learned for a young man that is growing up quickly in a very adult world.  More lessons are learned from the difficult times than there are learned from the easy ones.

The bigger the spotlight, the brighter the glare.  It sounds like Rory has learned a hard lesson here and he’s on the right path to correcting his mistake


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