The Classics of Golf: A Hall of Fame Library

by Jeff Skinner

For many of us golf addicted psychos this crazy game is a full blown obsession.  And I admit it, “My name is Jeff and I’m an addict.”

There isn’t a moment that goes by that golf isn’t at the very forefront of my mind.  Whether it is playing, or daydreaming of playing, practicing, reading, writing or just unconsciously gripping an imaginary club, golf is never out of my mind.  My living room is an indoor practice range with clubs, balls, practice aids and gouges in the ceiling as evidence to hours spent searching for that grooved swing.  Of course I never find it but what I have found is another release for my all consuming addiction.

Reading about golf is almost as good as playing and on many days I think I should have forfeited my eighteen holes for a few chapters of a good book.  Adding to my library is always a joy and while many of the newly printed volumes are excellent a classic book by one of the icons of golf literature is a cherished alternative.

A great place to start is The Classics of Golf, a library of some of the most noted works and authors in golf history.  From the website:  “Under the guidance of Herbert Warren Wind, Dean of American Sportswriters, the Classics of Golf Library was created to preserve and make available the works of the leading authors of early and modern golf literature. The collection of sixty-nine books is available for those who cherish the history of golf.”

“Classics of Golf is the leading source for the finest golf literature. In addition to the 69 titles in the Classics of Golf Library collection, which includes works by Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, C.B. Macdonald, Bernard Darwin, Herbert Warren Wind, Dan Jenkins, P.G. Wodehouse and many more, we publish acclaimed new works such as “Tillinghast: Creator of Golf Courses,” the first biography of the great architect, and “The United States Amateur: The History and Personal Recollections of Its Champions,” the first comprehensive history of the championship.

As part of our commitment to keep in print and diligently distribute golf’s literature and history, we have decided to make golf club and course history books available through our website.  These books are often hard to find and published in limited quantities.

Whether your interests are to add to or begin assembling your own personal golf book collection — or you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or golf outing give-away — the Classics of Golf is your definitive source for important golf literature.”

For those wanting to read and learn the history of golf or experience the game through the eyes of the hall of famers of golf writing this is a wonderful reference.  Works by O.B. Keller, Bobby Jones, P.G. Wodehouse, Herbert Warren Wind, Dan Jenkins, Grantland Rice and the father of golf writing, Bernard Darwin make this library is a treasure chest of golf works.

These are sixty nine of the most important and well written books all deemed must reads by Herbert Warren Wind.  And if that isn’t a recommendation worthy of noting than golf isn’t your game.

These classics are available in affordable reprints with many first editions available also.  So if you’re looking for a classic collectable or just wanting to add another volume to your bookshelf The Classics of Golf is a valuable resource.

My collection is full of recent authors like Feinstein, Dodson and Frost and I certainly have a few Darwin’s and Wind’s but my next purchase on the history of the game will certainly come from The Classics of Golf.  If Herbert Warren Wind recommends them, that’s good enough for me.

Click here for The Classics of Golf.


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