Tianlang “Langly” Guan at Home in New Orleans

by Jeff Skinner

langlyOur favorite 14 year old, Masters playing golfer is back in action this week as Tianlang Guan tees it up at The Zurich Classic.  Guan is still basking on the glow of setting records at The Masters for youngest everything.

Guan was the youngest player ever to play at The Masters.  And he was the youngest to make the cut and of course he was the youngest low amateur ever.

Guan also become the youngest and only player ever to be penalized for slow play at The Masters but in doing so became a darling of the golf world.  The poise and composure he displayed when assessed the penalty was something that amazed us.  But after watching and listening to him all week we all realized what a special young man he is.

Tim Rosaforte profiles China’s latest export as he spends time at Lakewood Golf Course in New Orleans.  It seems he has a history, as much a history as a middle schooler could have, with the club and its director of junior golf, Jimmy Headrick.

Guan’s parents call him Langly and so do the folks at Lakewood.  “From director of golf Brad Weaver welcoming him to Headrick’s junior program, Langly has been made to feel welcome for all the right reasons. The club’s fast greens also don’t hurt.

“We’re just one small spoke in the wheel,” Headrick said. “What started out as friendship grew for all the right reasons. I think they saw we were real, that we were all about Langly being a young man who grows into the best he can be, not how we were benefiting from his presence.”

Click here for Rosaforte’s Golf World article.


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