PGA Tour Drops Drug Case Against Vijay Singh

by Jeff Skinner

Tim Finchem and the PGA Tour has dropped the doping case against Vijay Singh.  With a new revelation from the World Anti-Doping Agency that deer antler spray was just removed from the banned substance list Vijay gets a pass from the Tour.

After Singh admitted in a Sports Illustrated article that he used deer antler spray and said he had no idea it was banned he was sanctioned by the tour.  Singh immediately appealed the decision and the tour has conducted the investigation behind the scenes. VJ 2013

It appears that Team Finchem had a conversation with the fellows over at WADA and they decided that there is so little of the banned substance, IGF-1, in deer antler spray that they have removed it from the list.  Click here for the PGA Tour’s statement.

So even though Singh violated the PGA Tour’s Drug Policy and admitted to taking the banned substance while it was banned he will receive no punishment.

Did anyone ever believe that the Tour would take significant action against a Hall of Famer?  Not in Tim’s lifetime.  I will give him this…he protects his stars, his big names, the Hall of Famers.

It’s a shame that Doug Barron didn’t get the same type of treatment.  Barron still remains the only PGA golfer banned for a drug policy violation.  Barron had been taking beta blockers and testosterone for years while under a doctor’s care and being treated for legitimate medical conditions.  His only problem was that he wasn’t a big name on the Tour and therefore he was expendable.

No one said life is fair… but it would be nice if the PGA Tour looked at all its players in the same light.


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