Vijay Singh Sues the PGA Tour…Really???

by Jeff Skinner

Hey Tim Finchem….that sharp pain you feel between your shoulder blades, it’s not old age.  It’s your good buddy Vijay Singh stabbing you in the back.

Singh has turned the tables on the PGA Tour by suing them for his “treatment” following his admission to violating the PGA Tour’s Drug Policy.  Click here for the USA Today article on the lawsuit and file this one under “Are you freaking kidding me!”

Singh sweaterThe PGA Tour recently cleared Singh of his violation for using deer antler spray because the World Anti-Doping Agency has dropped the substance from its banned substance list.

To anyone that watched the PGA Tour handle this situation the perception was that they bent over backwards to take it easy on Singh.  It took Finchem and crew months to come to a determination after Singh appealed their initial sanction.  If anyone thinks that Finchem didn’t twist some arms or make some pleas to WADA for some help you’re mistaken.

This was a potential nightmare for the Tour and Finchem, the skilled politician that he is, appeared to put this to bed with a minimum of controversy.  But that wasn’t enough for Singh.  He feels his reputation was compromised.  “I am proud of my achievements, my work ethic, and the way I live my life,” Singh said in a statement. “The PGA Tour not only treated me unfairly, but displayed a lack of professionalism that should concern every professional golfer and fan of the game.”

So Singh is proud of the way he lives his life… (cough, cough) isn’t that sweet.  Let’s remember that Singh is the guy that was banned from an Asian golf tour for cheating and that he admitted to violating the drug policy in Sports Illustrated.  The Tour did not go after him, there was no failed drug test.  He admitted to breaking the rules and forced the Tour to act.

In what many players called an extremely favorably conclusion for Singh with no suspension and a virtual retraction of the violation Singh still feels compelled to bite the hand that has fed him all these years.  And the news breaks during the biggest week for the PGA Tour with its Players Championship taking place at TPC Sawgrass where Singh lives.  That’s more that just a coincidence, that’s a big swipe at Finchem and the Tour.

That’s the way he lives his life and if he’s proud of that I can only think that he’s a self-centered, egotist that lives in his very own closed “Vijay World.”

My mom, who was a casual golf fan, always said she had issues with Singh.  “That Singe (she could never get his name right) I just don’t like him.”  Maybe she sensed something we all should have.

How’s that knife wound Mr. Finchem?  So much for taking care of one of your own.


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