Vijay Singh & Tim Finchem: The Fools of Ponte Vedra Beach

by Jeff Skinner & G. Rennie

You know that “They Were Born for This” commercial on The Golf Channel that features Tiger, Rickie, Phil and Keegan with the “versus” symbol thrown in between clips of them as kids?  (Click here for a peek.)

Well, maybe they should cut another one… Vijay vs. Tim.

That’s what all this looks like as Vijay Singh takes on Commissioner Tim Finchem and the PGA Tour.  There’s plenty of blame to go around in this ugly situation.

For a player who has just been cleared of the charges to level a lawsuit against his own tour in the middle of the tour’s premier event of the season has to be called foolish.

My esteemed colleague, G. Rennie and I agree that fools abound in this drama but differ as to who is the captain of this Ship of Fools.

 Skinner:  So, Vijay admits to taking a banned substance, while it was on the banned substance list, is suspended, appeals the suspension and during the appeals process is cleared by the tour because the drug has been removed from the list.  He then celebrates by suing the PGA Tour and the news breaks in the middle of The Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass, which by the way, is where Vijay makes his home.

He wants is reputation back?  Is that the reputations he earned in 1985 when he was suspended from the Asian Tour for cheating?

Look no further…Vijay is the fool, a big arrogant, self-absorbed fool.

Rennie:  You might be right about Vijay but for sure Tim Finchem is a fool.
Vijay’s case will be thrown out due to the contractual waiver he and all other pros sign as a condition of membership.

Yet his point that the tour did not treat him with required and requisite “care” is a very good one. The unassailably slick deal maker Tim looks like an over eager school hall monitor who jumped at first chance to catch a rule breaker.

The tour might prevail but Tim is done. He is an empty suit, a man of straw. And Vijay, who’s remained controlled, reticent and aloof has thrown a fireball at Tim that will now out burn the Players Championship, Mr. Slick’s shining pride and joy.

That straw man, versatile chap that he is, just crapped in his own drawers.


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