Sergio vs Tiger at The Players Championship

by Jeff Skinner

Everywhere Tiger Woods goes he usually gathers a crowd and on the golf course it’s always a noisy crowd.  Sergio Garcia felt the brunt of being paired with Tiger at The Players and wasn’t too happy about it.

It seems that on the second hole while Tiger and Sergio were separated by about 50 yards Sergio was disturbed by the crowd surrounding Tiger.  As Sergio was in his back swing, Tiger pulled a fairway wood from his bag and of course the knuckleheads that follow Woods  cheered in delight.

Now it probably was the same dude that screams “In the hole” when Woods tees off on a par five but none the less, the noise disturbed  Sergio.  Whether Woods deliberately tried to get in Sergio’s head or he was just getting ready to play his shot, we’ll never know.  But there’s a mini-controversy brewing at Sawgrass.  As if Vijay Singh wasn’t enough.

Both were being true to their reputations.  Woods has been accused of gamesmanship for a long time and Garcia is always ready to blame something for his poor shots.

Afterwards Sergio voiced his displeasure with Tiger’s inconsiderate timing and Woods said he wasn’t surprised that Garcia was complaining about something.

But the fact is that Tiger is a bully on the course and Sergio has been known to wilt under pressure.   And the fun thing is that the two still have to finish their third round together.

It’s not the kind of publicity Tim Finchem wants for his Players Championship but at least no one is talking about Vijay.


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